The Healy… inevitable love child of capitalism and new age spirituality

Eleanor O'Rourke
8 min readDec 8, 2020


Frequencies are the future!

Oh dear! Or as David Brent once remarked “I thought there was light at the end of the tunnel, then I realised it was just some fucker with a torch”.

It’s clear that things haven’t been right in the world for some time. Big Government has taken away our belief in politics. Big Pharma has taken control of our health. Big Religions have taken away our ability to think critically or logically. But — there’s light at the end of the tunnel…

Trump is officially out, so no more greed and corruption. We can take care of our own health, now that we live in the Quantum world. After all, if everything is energy, cancer is just some sketchy ass energy we can shift with our positive thoughts. New Age Spirituality is here to stay.

Let’s back up a bit, and bring everyone up to speed on this Unholy Trinity…

Trump needs no explanation, other than, the problem was never in him, the drive to be wealthy, and to defend that wealth by lying and cheating is not just in Trump, greed is in every human being… as we shall soon find out!

New Age Spirituality caught on because it’s abstract. In the abstract we can talk about Love! and Light!… because things don’t cost anything in the abstract world. When we bring these concepts down to the world we actually live in, Love and Light require hard work, discipline and an ability to share when we don’t want to. Old religions talked a lot about this with stories like the Good Samaritan. However old religions also contained a lot of bonkers thinking, so we threw them out… and replaced them with new commandments “God wants me to be abundant. I am a child of God so I can manifest whatever I want. Self love is the greatest love of all”.

In the Quantum world, Big Pharma medicine is very low vibration (made by greedy capitalists… eugh!) so better to have energy medicine, which is full of the high vibration energy of Love and Light. The Healy is energy medicine, but it turns out that love and light cost quite a lot of money.

Of course no-one would defend the old world. Just look at the stories of people like Martin Shkreli who bought the rights to produce a life saving drug then increased its price more than 50 fold overnight.

“That’s scandalous!” people cried.

“That’s the market” Martin Shkreli replied. The price is whatever the market can stand, and for dying people, it turns out that’s quite a lot.”

“But is it ethical? “

“Well that’s capitalism innit?”

“Damn that capitalism” we shouted pointlessly at computer screens. “If only there was another way to make things work”.

And there was… but as we shall see, it’s a case of “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. We all got fooled again.

Over time, our expectations of the world have shifted. Most of our grandparents worked physically hard and had few expectations of life, but were happy that, with the benefit of education, their children could have an easier life by working smart not hard.

As the number of people with university degrees increased, and the number of well-paying jobs, (that can’t be performed by algorithms) decreased, the work smart not hard model got tossed into the void… and out of this void, emerged the monster of Multi Level Marketing (aka Pyramid Selling with some fancy new branding).

In other words no need to be hardworking or smart… Sell a health, beauty or motivational product to your friends and family and gain commission from them. Get them to sell to their friends and family, and get even more commission, and so on. Eventually the people at the bottom find there’s no-one left to sell to, so basically the pyramid collapses. At this point they also find that they’ve run out of friends… because they’re now disgruntled customers.

People at the top of the pyramid no longer care because they’re over on Facebook getting “really pumped” about the exciting new offer/opportunity they have for you, if you sign up NOW.

“Isn’t that just greed?”

“No, God wants me to be wealthy, we just call it abundance now”.

If the factory world of our grandparents involved trading our physical energy for money, and the office world involved trading our mental energy for money, MLMs seem to require the selling of our soul.

The MLM model ticks a lot of boxes in our current world…

1 Lots of people want to be wealthy, without working too hard, preferably working from home without a boss looming over them.

2 The spiritual self-help industry has indoctrinated people into believing they were born to do something special, and once they “find their purpose” wealth will follow — alongside the satisfaction of having saved humanity from all sorts of patriarchal evil.

3 Once Quantum physics arrived on the scene, we became obsessed with all things magical. If we have poor health, we don’t want to be told things like “drink more water, eat more vegetables and go for a walk”. That boring stuff is for Muggles. We want a magic pill, a magic energy drink or a magic mushroom to cure our ills. And now, the latest addition to Hogwarts is The Healy. Ooh! Ahh!

But before we go there, let’s talk about Brand, because branding has also had a three tier evolution. At first (think Grandparents) branding was based on features and functions. “Buy this car, it’s pretty good for the money, comes in two colours, and won’t skid on wet roads.”

Next (once everyone had all the things they need) advertisers had to try harder. If you want people to buy something they don’t need you have to link it to an emotion. “Watch this Christmas commercial, feel warm and fuzzy. Buy a bunch of stuff you can’t afford”.

Now that all the landfill sites are clogged up and the ocean is full of plastic, branding is all about “Story”… because we are yearning for things of the soul… authenticity, love, altruism.

This is how a brand story goes… let’s take Oatly oat milk. Their multi million pound advertising campaign featured a Brand Origin Story of people who cared so much about the welfare of cows (it’s true, they cry for 3 days when their calves are taken away so their milk can be sold to humans) that they invented a delicious milk alternative that was cruelty free. The side of the milk carton even declares in big letters “We promise to be a good company”.

Sales sky rocketed. Once turnover and profit margins were through the roof, the owners of Oatly sold it to the highest bidder… a deforestation company.

“Whaaaat?! Talk about hypocrisy”.

“Yeah, well capitalism innit?”

The Healy Brand Story ticks all the new age boxes, featuring an 8 year old genius savant with a passion for quantum physics, and a monk with a passion for healing the world… It’s cutting edge. It heals through vibration. Miracles are occurring all over the world. It should cost $50,000 but because this is a “gift” to humanity, only costs $4,000. Shall we talk about what a gift is?

Sir Tim Berners Lee was the university physics professor who discovered the internet. He realised this was a great tool that could benefit humanity so he gifted it to the world with those famous words “This is for everyone”. After all, he’d already done the work anyway and he did that because he was curious rather than greedy. Obviously he could have become the richest man on the planet… or he would have reigned supreme for a time before somebody came biting at his heels with a cheaper, alternative version.

For some strange reason, despite the brand story of Saving Humanity, the founders of Healy didn’t chose the Sir Tim option, but the MLM option. First make the product very expensive (even though, once the inventing work has been done it’s basically a couple of square inches of plastic with some technology). Next, recruit evangelists for the brand and pay them a huge commission if they sell it to all their friends. Then encourage those friends to sell to their friends, etc., etc.

“But hang on, this isn’t a strange new vitamin supplement found in pine cones deep in the amazon jungle, it’s a highly expensive bit of kit that requires the interaction of 5 different components — the device itself; the app; the bluetooth, the person’s cell phone, and the internet. That’s an awful lot of things that can go wrong, and it’s being sold by someone with no technical, or quantum physics expertise.”

Just imagine if Apple decided to by-pass the iPhone 12 and bring out the iPhone 15 with a brand new operating system. But instead of training an army of people (who are ALREADY called The Genius Bar) they said “Here’s a new idea, let’s give it to some Joes in the street and get them to sell it to their friends, then get their friends to sell it to their friends.”

“But what’s in it for them?”

“A load of money”

“But what about the complaints, queries, questions… a lot of people will want refunds”.

“Then they’ll have to take that up with the person who sold it to them”.

“But that person is a friend or family member”.

“Exactly! See the brilliance of the scheme. They’ll just have to get over it. We’ll just post a bunch of links and You tube videos and get them to figure things out themselves”.

“But this could break up families and cause rifts in friendships”.

“Yeah well… Capitalism innit?”

Plus ca change…

Frequencies and energy will be the medicine of the future. Instinctively we know this and are moving in that direction. But right now, it’s the Wild West, so you have to be careful as there’s a lot of snake oil sellers out there. Which is sad, because a lot of people are unwell, or have sick family members who can’t get any help from traditional medicine. They’re vulnerable and desperate… which means they’re a sitting duck for any new solution that appears on the market.

Caveat Emptor.

If anyone’s interested, my next post will be “I bought a Healy… you’ll never guess what happened next” (sorry… just couldn’t resist).

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