We need a new God — one without a penis or a veil

Same shit, different day

Since the 1960s, the idea of an authoritarian, masculine God has been slowly disintegrating. Many churches have been repurposed as cafes or creches. The spirit of the 60s, was all about freedom, the sacredness of the individual and rebellion against authority figures.

At the same time (no doubt because of the birth of feminism) the idea of a veiled, long suffering, mother of God’s son, was also thrown away. It was a bit suspect that God had no female partner, yet was happy to father a son by impregnating a 15 year old virgin with his divine spermatozoa.

Unfortunately the spirit of the 60s by passed a huge part of the world, who still believe that men are superior, fighting is inevitable, and the only good woman is a virgin woman… or certainly a veiled one, preferably quiet, obedient and happy to birth sons.

The inevitable outcome of centuries of this dysfunctional masculine power is war and overpopulation. Both have reached epic proportions.

Meanwhile, the fun loving spirit of the 60s created some mayhem of its own, as individualism morphed into narcissism. Once the authoritarian God was dismissed, this created a vacancy. A lot of people applied for the position.

New ideas sprung up about becoming Superhuman by “achieving your full potential” which sounds nice, but in reality was more about #winning and acquiring status or wealth. Having a lot of money was rebranded as “abundance” … which is apparently something God really wants us to have).

Hang on I thought we got rid of God?

No, he also got a rebrand.

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Bill Gates are now so powerful they can pretty much do whatever they want. They behave like the aristocracy in France, before Les Miserables set up the guillotine in the Place de la Revolution. Jeff has ordered a historic bridge in Holland be dismantled because his 330 million euro super yacht can’t fit underneath. When questioned about this lunacy, the government bleat about being grateful for the money and jobs brought to the local people. We’ve become obedient serfs to these new Gods of Commerce.

Revolution is always available, but surely it would be possible to turn this ship around before we bleed.

While Jeff’s yacht has safe passage, the yachts of Russian billionaires are being confiscated, because Russian money is dirty money. Yes, Putin is bad, but he’s also the outcome of unbridled narcissism. It’s irrelevant that the majority of people in Russia probably don’t want war — the world is governed by powerful individuals who have grown up with a messiah complex. Even their desire to save the world (looking at you Bill Gates) has had disastrous consequences for ordinary people.

These days, most big money is dirty money, because it has been earned from the misery of subjugated people… some of whom still believe they are free, because they have unlimited access to Facebook and Instagram.

Meanwhile, what happened to female Gods? The religions of the past 2000 years don’t have any… which is a problem right there. The spirit of the 60s may have heralded in equality of gender, but not equality of energy. Many female leaders have more masculine energy than the men standing next to them in the corridors of power. If the only archetype of female divinity is passive and powerless, it’s no wonder they want to distance themselves.

Our only role model for feminine power is Mother Nature, which is a collaborative force. Mother Nature has no “favourites” no “special” children. She loves and supports all of creation as she watches things coming into being, having their day in the sun, returning to earth and transforming into something else. It’s a slow, but beautiful unfolding — more like a Japanese art film than a Mad Max movie.

Going back 2,500 years, Greek mythology did have Goddesses, but they operated on the same masculine principles… strategy and winning. The word narcissism is derived from Narcissus, the son of a river God, who fell in love with his own self image. The head honcho in Greek mythology was, of course, a man (Zeus). When he wasn’t getting angry and indiscriminately throwing thunderbolts, he spent most of his time impregnating just about everyone — Goddesses, nymphs and humans, none of whom had much say in the matter.

The world needs a new archetype of feminine power. Not a masculine woman or a passive woman, but a creative one who doesn’t get so excited by #winning.

Going back even further (5,000 years) to Egyptian mythology, God didn’t send a son to save the world. He sent a daughter… Sekhmet. Just as Jesus was part divine and part human, Sekhmet was part divine and part lioness. Being more in tune with her animal instincts, she experienced her connection to the whole of nature — plants, animals, oceans, earth. When she discovered the damage humans had done to the other “children” on the planet, she became enraged and started killing the humans…because that’s what lionesses do. They’re very protective.

Worried that all the humans would be wiped out completely, a plan was hatched whereby Pomegranate seeds (symbol of the unconscious) were mixed with beer. In her bloodlust, Sekhmet drank the red beer and became sedated.

She’s been asleep in the underworld for a really long time.

Can we change our nature? Humans have two impulses — to create and to survive. At our lowest level of consciousness, we create war and children. We survive by fighting and accumulating. Surely we can find new ways to reach our creative potential, and channel our survival impulses.

In 1868 Dostoevsky wrote “Beauty will save the world”. This has morphed into the phrase “Art will save the world”. Unfortunately art and beauty have become associated with specialness and aesthetics. Antoine de Saint-Exupery described the concept better in The Little Prince. “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart”.

We’ve become a “mind” based culture, one that supports the rise of the individual and the power of the intellect. Could we become a “heart” based one? Not the sentimental heart. Not the romantic heart. But the heart that loves fiercely on behalf of the whole.

If we don’t do this, then what’s the point of all that winning anyway?Also, it’s reasonable to assume that if we don’t wake up, Sekhmet will.

It’ll be the return of God’s daughter, rather than his son, and it certainly won’t look like the Second Coming that the religious are hoping for.



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